The iOS Simulator 2016

1 minute read

An update to an older post about using the iOS Simulator from the command line.

Laziness: curl Host Header

1 minute read

For some reason, I can never remember the right command line option for setting the Host HTTP header with curl. It’s actually something I need to do fairly r...

Open Github Repos From the Command Line

less than 1 minute read

If you’re ever sitting in a Git repository in the shell and want to view it on Github, here’s some quick laziness.

Open the iOS Simulator from the Command Line

1 minute read

When I need to test web apps on an iPhone or iPad, I use the iOS Simulator that ships with Xcode1. The Simulator is intended for developers testing native ap...

Laziness with Make

2 minute read

I have lots of shell aliases/functions for repetitive tasks. Copying files to and from servers, removing editor backup files, connecting to specific database...

Laziness: SCP Alias

less than 1 minute read

I often find myself needing to download files to my local box via SCP. Which means entering the hostname, the path, and the filename in to my terminal window...

Laziness: Remote SSH Usernames

less than 1 minute read

I’m lazy and I’m always looking for ways to avoid any unneeded typing. Here’s a little OpenSSH configuration tip that can save you up to 16 characters (if yo...