JWT Basics

2 minute read

JSON Web Token (JWT) have come in to my life. I like them and you will too… Pronounced “jot”, the short version is that they are cryptographically signed blo...

Using Signals to Display Process Status

1 minute read

A couple of posts back, I wrote about how you can get status info out of a long running dd process by sending it a signal. The functionally is something you ...

Getting Uploaded Data Out of AWS S3

3 minute read

OK, so you know how to get data into AWS S3, what about getting it out? Previously, we uploaded entries from an imagined photo contest into a bucket. We sent...

Ruby and IMAP

4 minute read

There’s a really solid, tried and true, Internet wide messaging queue. It’s been around for decades and has first class support in Ruby. What is it? Email. T...

Tunneling to Localhost

4 minute read

When you’re developing Rails apps or pretty much any other framework you can name, you typically work with a server running on localhost. This is all well an...

The Sekrets Gem

2 minute read

I occasionally write about encryption in Ruby, yet somehow I haven’t managed to cover my friend Ara’s Sekrets gem.

diceware.rb Revisited

2 minute read

A while back I wrote about Diceware, a system for generating password using dice and a word list. I also include a Ruby script that use virtual dice.

Web-Scale HTTP Tail

2 minute read

Previously while talking features of the HTTP Range header I wrote:

More Fun with the Range Header

1 minute read

In my previous post about codeless APIs I made use the HTTP Range header to download only a portion of the file from a web server or cache (byte serving).

The Map Gem

1 minute read

There’s one Ruby gem that make it into practically every Ruby project I write, my friend Ara’s Map. Really, it’s a coincidence that I know Ara, this gem spee...


less than 1 minute read

In my last post about an alias that opened a URL from the command line, I said:

(Symmetric) Encryption with Ruby (and Rails)

5 minute read

I wrote and maintain (though not as attentively as I’d like) a Ruby Gem, Strongbox, which adds Public-key Encryption support to Rails’ ActiveRecord. Simply p...

Luminate Online Server API Gem

less than 1 minute read

As part of the work Indra did for Stand Up To Cancer’s telethon, I need to make use of Convio/blackbaud’s Luminate Online Server APIs. Luminate Online is a w...

Generating RSA Key Pairs in Ruby

1 minute read

I’ve given a number of examples of using Public-key cryptography in blog posts and in the Strongbox documentation, but I’ve always generated the RSA key pair...

Encrypting Sensitive Data with Ruby (on Rails)

2 minute read

In Encrypting Sensitive Data with Perl I wrote about how to use public key encryption to automatically and securely encrypt information with Perl. This allo...