Spike Ilacqua

I am Spike Ilacqua, a seasoned Principal Software Engineer with over two decades of experience in the tech industry. I bring a rich pedigree of expertise in Ruby on Rails, systems administration, DevOps, and comprehensive software solution crafting. My career is characterized by leading-edge contributions, including my tenure as CTO for Stand Up To Cancer and pioneering work as the Chief Engineer at Software Tool & Die. I am a passionate problem solver who thrives in complex environments, ever-ready to leverage my extensive knowledge in programming, AI-powered system design, and process automation to drive technical innovation and excellence. My dedication to mentoring and strategic development has propelled the success of teams and projects alike, solidifying my reputation as an expert and visionary in the field.

If it sounds like ChatGPT wrote the proceeding paragraph, it’s because it did. But, seriously, I’m good at what I do and I enjoy doing it.

I find that teaching something is the best way to improve your knowledge of the subject and that’s what drives this blog. Hopefully, you find some of this useful, I already did.

From time to time, I am available for consulting.