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Open the iOS Simulator from the Command Line

1 minute read

When I need to test web apps on an iPhone or iPad, I use the iOS Simulator that ships with Xcode1. The Simulator is intended for developers testing native ap...

Building a Portable Emacs for Mac

2 minute read

A visitor, Rakkesh, stopped by with a question about Building Emacs 24.4 From Source on the Mac. He had an issue that when he built Emacs on one machine (a M...

Diceware for Passwords

2 minute read

Making up passwords is hard. You want something you can remember which is and you need something difficult to guess or brute force.

Laziness with Make

2 minute read

I have lots of shell aliases/functions for repetitive tasks. Copying files to and from servers, removing editor backup files, connecting to specific database...

Working with EmacsClient

3 minute read

Previously, I showed how I set $EDITOR. On my laptop, I actually do something different to take advantage of my favorite Emacs feature EmacsClient. EmacsClie...

Setting $EDITOR with some Smarts

1 minute read

My editor of choice is Emacs. However, in a pinch I can drive vim or vi just fine1. While I prefer Emacs, I can’t think of a UNIX-like operating system that ...