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Managing SSH Keys

1 minute read

To securely access your servers you use SSH keys. Passwords can be guessed, just look in your logs to see all the people trying. But, you know that. You’ve g...

Legacy Deploy with Capistrano

2 minute read

So, you’re on a rescue project with some legacy code (and by “legacy” I almost always mean PHP). The old developer probably just FTP’ed changes up to the ser...

Patching between Git repos

2 minute read

While the fame and free cars are nice, the reason I blog is to learn, or, as in this case, to help me remember things.

iTerm Tear Off Tabs

2 minute read

I like iTerm 2 (and I can not lie). I use a Mac and spend most of my days in the terminal (and Emacs). When a window system first came into my life, it was X...

Backups With Rsync and launchd

3 minute read

Previously, I wrote about backing up files to Dropbox with rsync. I automated the process with cron the ancient UNIX “time-based job scheduler”. While OS X s...

Debuging RAMPS Stepper Problems

3 minute read

This is a bit of a departure from my usual Ruby, Ops, and Security posts. However, recently I acquired a mostly completed RepRep 3D printer and wanted to doc...

Quick and Dirty Backups with rsync

2 minute read

One simple way to back up files is to copy them to Dropbox. However, manually copying files does not constitute a good backup, you’re going to forget.


less than 1 minute read

In my last post about an alias that opened a URL from the command line, I said:

Open Github Repos From the Command Line

less than 1 minute read

If you’re ever sitting in a Git repository in the shell and want to view it on Github, here’s some quick laziness.

(Symmetric) Encryption with Ruby (and Rails)

5 minute read

I wrote and maintain (though not as attentively as I’d like) a Ruby Gem, Strongbox, which adds Public-key Encryption support to Rails’ ActiveRecord. Simply p...