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Emacs Visible Bell Work-Around on OS X El Capitan

less than 1 minute read

After I upgraded to OS X El Capitan‎, I started having random display issues with my build from source version of Emacs. After a while I realized that it was...

Client Certificate CA Setup and Signing

2 minute read

Previously, I wrote about the promise of using Client SSL Certificates for authentication. With this post, we start down the road of actually putting this in...

Validating Rails Forms “without” a Model

1 minute read

Sometime I want all of Rails’ form bells and whistles for something that isn’t a database backed model. For example, I use this as a handy way to get form va...

diceware.rb Revisited

2 minute read

A while back I wrote about Diceware, a system for generating password using dice and a word list. I also include a Ruby script that use virtual dice.

UNIX User Management

1 minute read

This is one of the blog posts to set something in my mind that I’m always looking up. Linux has lovely tools for adding and managing users, but I can never r...


3 minute read

How to you take a list of files and do something with them in the UNIX shell? xargs is the key.