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Arguments For Your Shell Aliases

2 minute read

I’ve touched on shell aliases and functions a few times, today I wanted to get in to a little more detail on passing arguments to them.

Another 3D Update

less than 1 minute read

Another progress update on my RepRep 3D Prusa Mendel. After digging into the laying issue, I narrowed it down to a likely slicing issue. And, after a lot of ...

3D Progress

less than 1 minute read

A quick update on the RepRep 3D Prusa Mendel I’m working on. I made a print! Several actually.


3 minute read

There’s a handy tool for Mac users that I rarely see getting use, the SSHFS filesystem. SSHFS is a FUSE filesystem uses the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)...

Web-Scale HTTP Tail

2 minute read

Previously while talking features of the HTTP Range header I wrote:

More Fun with the Range Header

1 minute read

In my previous post about codeless APIs I made use the HTTP Range header to download only a portion of the file from a web server or cache (byte serving).

Codeless API

4 minute read

What if I told you that you could create a API backend that didn’t require any code? Crazy right? Wrong! Picture a client side Javascript app that displays ...

Renaming Files

2 minute read

A quickie today, renaming a bunch of files in the shell. Unix gives you million ways to do it, here are a few that will help you understand your tools better.

The Map Gem

1 minute read

There’s one Ruby gem that make it into practically every Ruby project I write, my friend Ara’s Map. Really, it’s a coincidence that I know Ara, this gem spee...